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Pueblo parents and residents from surrounding neighborhoods, such as Salt Creek, Eden, Bronquist, Goodnight, and Baxter can use the Pueblo Spanish Academy to be sure their students receive quality language training.

With our online Spanish program, students can learn Spanish from home by using their computers. In the future, we hope to offer classes to students in local schools such as Franklin Elementary, Parkview, Irving, Belmont, or Sunset Park Elementary. Likewise, by forming links with community partners, we want to establish classes to a wide range of people.

Do you, as a Spanish language teacher, have comments about our program? Do you have tips you think wed like to know about? Share your ideas in the form at the right. Well be happy to read them.

If you are a parent trying to encourage a child to become bilingual, or you have a desire to speak Spanish yourself, why not take a moment to fill in the form at your right. We want to understand your situation.